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On Site Auto Detailing offers a variety of services tailored to your needs with the convenience of being a detailer that comes to you fully equipped and self contained needing nothing except your vehicle and a few hours to get it to the desired condition. 

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Our Services

Interior Car Detailing Services

On Site Auto Detailing offers an array of services tailored to everyone’s needs. With an unprecedented approach we are capable of providing you the best in return for your investment in us. From the average daily vehicle, to private collections we are there with everything you’d need right at your location for your convenience.

Car cleaning services are a sure way to ensure the value of your vehicle. As we’ve witnessed over the years cars aren’t getting any cheaper. So why let it depreciate even more if you don’t have to? Studies have shown a well maintained car can be worth more by up to 45% than a similar make model and year vehicle. All of our services from auto detailing to paint correction and ceramic paint protection as well as ceramic coatings for the interior of your vehicle all are designed with preservation of your vehicle in mind.

Interior Car Detailing Midland Mi
How much does interior detailing cost?

Car interior detailing services can vary in price based on vehicle type, model and most importantly what materials the manufacture used and the overall condition and services needed. It’s always best to call, text or even message us so we can get a better understanding of your vehicle’s condition and what it needs. To get an even better faster quote and make it easier on you, you can also send pictures and videos for an even better quote. 

Exterior Detailing Services

Car Paint Correction Services

The car paint correction cost varies based on the overall condition of your paint. With the utmost care, your paint has to go through a process known as decontamination, also known as clay barring to ensure no further damage will be created prior to the polishing your paint. This allows the paint to be polished and brought back to, or often surpass it’s gloss and luster it once had.

Does my new car need paint correction?

To answer this question simply is to say yes. Many don’t realize your vehicle’s paint is not always in the best condition and can be polished to perfection far surpassing what it looks like brand new. We’ve experienced new vehicle’s, including higher-end luxury vehicles from Mercedes all the way to Ferrari with defects that can be removed by a true professional that can repair and enhance the vehicle’s appearance.

Not only can newer vehicles benefit from paint correction services because of manufacture defects, but scratches and swirls from the dealerships due to improper washing methods.
With no marring, scratches, swirls or even orange peel from dry spraying or fast cured paint you will see a remarkable difference with a perfected showroom quality paint looking back at you. Once this has been completed, it is recommended to apply a ceramic coating that offers 9H hardness that can protect your paint and keep it in its current condition as well enhancing its appearance even more.

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Ceramic Paint Coating

As mentioned above, ceramic paint coatings are best applied to a freshly paint corrected vehicle. This ensures the nano ceramic components the ability to permanently bond to your paints surface or even glass, trim and rims! Following the decontamination process and paint correction, our ceramic coatings have a 2 year, 5 year and 7 year guarantee backed by the warranty. 

What does Ceramic Coatings do? 

Nano ceramic coatings offer permanent paint protection that offers superior protection to your vehicles paint, windows, trim and even rims.

Benefits of Ceramic Coating:

  • 9H Scratch Resistance
  • Resistant to chemical etching
  • UV protection from UV damage
  • Thermal protection up to 1200 F
  • Enhanced Gloss and slickness
Where Can I get my car Ceramic Coated?

Have you been searching for a “ceramic coating installer near me” or even “where can I get my car ceramic coated?” Let us make this easy for you by simply telling you, right at home! With our fully equipped mobile detailing unit we can come right to you and protect your vehicle without you even leaving the house. 

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