Car wash issues for autonomous cars

Car washes have been around for decades allowing most vehicles to be cleaned to a degree without relying on a hand wash. Although, hand washes offer better value in the long run than a car wash does as they remove dirt and grime that will later embed itself into your paint causing premature failure. However, it’s still an option among…

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How Much Does Paint Correction Cost?

How much does paint correction cost? Paint correction prices can vary with a wide range of variables based on condition and even overall desire. Many that seek paint correction already have an idea of what it will cost them and why either from doing research like you’re doing right now by reading this or from past experience. What paint correction…

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Paint Protection Film

Paint Protection Film – Everything You Need to Know about this Technology Whenever you purchase a car, you want it to look the same for as long as possible. In other words, it should look like you just took it out of the showroom. However, it isn’t an easy task to maintain the aesthetics of your car as it requires…

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