How Much Does Paint Correction Cost?

How much does paint correction cost?

Paint correction before and after 50/50
Paint correction prices have many variables. Not only does the condition make a difference but your desired appearance can as well.

Paint correction prices can vary with a wide range of variables based on condition and even overall desire. Many that seek paint correction already have an idea of what it will cost them and why either from doing research like you’re doing right now by reading this or from past experience.

What paint correction is and is not

What it is:
So let’s start off by explaining what paint correction is, and what it is not! Paint correction in other terms may go by buffing, wheeling, polishing, compounding and even swirl and or scratch removal. Typically this will include the entire vehicle in order for it to have a nice uniform polished appearance. The polishing process can have many steps, upwards of 4 that give the highest amount of gloss. Commonly referred to as 1, 2, 3 and 4 step paint correction by professionals.

What it is not:
Unfortunately, like many industries, there are those who jump onto these processes and either knowingly or unknowingly do it improperly. Some will coin this term when they’re simply running over your vehicle with a buffer, wax or a glaze. Once you wash your vehicle a few times you will see it looks like it did when you first had it done. For some, this is ok and is ideal. Many opt for paint correction services and a ceramic paint coating to encapsulate the perfected paint which can last for many years. 

How long does paint corrections take?

This can take as little as 3-4 hours and upwards of several days to complete. New vehicles can also benefit from paint correction services as the paint can be perfected. Typically vehicles that are polished out have scratches, marring or oxidation that needs removal. These are the typical situations where sanding is a must in order to perfect them. Often referred to as sanding/wet sanding, knocking/leveling it down.

Do new cars need paint correction?

Paint correction prices to remove swirl marks
Some clear coats are in poor shape like this car here.

In many cases, yes! Even higher-end luxury cars all the way to super/hypercars can benefit from this. What manufacturers focus on isn’t perfecting the paints finish. These are generally people who were the cars to make them look clean or simply dust them off leaving micro scratches commonly referred to as marring and or swirls. Many think that because a dealership deals with cars every day they know best, or have treated the car properly. But this is far from the truth. Look at a car sitting on a lot from angles in the sun and you will see swirls forming around the sun or light if you have one available. These are micro scratches that are dulling your paint. Even if they didn’t have these scratches they all have a level of “Orange Peel” as well as the paint has never been jeweled out to perfection.

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