Car Cleaning – Is Wax Worth It?

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Carnauba Wax is the best type of wax for paint protection.

At On Site Auto Detailing, new clients who are interested in our procedures will often inquire about some information about automotive waxes. Inquiries, for example, “What’s the best wax” and “Does Wax Even Protect The Paint?” are common for individuals who aren’t accustomed to having their cars detailed.

Let’s briefly touch on these subjects.

“What Is The Best Car Wax?”

There are various distinctive waxes available, however through our auto detailing experience and research, the best kind of auto wax is Carnauba wax which is the one we use daily and highly recommend aside from Ceramic Coatings and sealants. This Carnauba Wax is also known as Brazil Wax and Palm Wax. Auto waxes are generally made of various kinds including beeswax which is then blended with natural oils. Carnauba specifically is a superior wax above all others that originates out of the Brazilian rain forests and is utilized to secure the wood in the core of the trunk that way the tree can mend itself from harm it may endure throughout its lifespan.

“Does Wax Even Protect The Paint?”
All vehicles have an unmistakable coating that is put on when the vehicle is painted commonly called, “Clear Coat.” Consistently applying wax will put a barrier between contaminants that may be harmful to your paint long-term. This long-term exposure is what will inevitably cause your vehicle’s clear coat to fail. The failure often leads to extensive paint corrections and or worse, repainting your prized possession

The waxes properties give it an appealing shine that most seek because of the infamous results of a shinier paint. This effect not only looks good but shows a good indication that the paint is reflecting harmful U.V. rays that could otherwise prematurely fade your paint. This is the same principle for Sealants and Ceramic Coatings. Although wax is great and has been proven time and time again, Sealants and especially Ceramic Coatings offer far better, longer lasting and stronger results protecting your paint and virtually scratch free.

Carnauba wax ceramic coating paint protection car cleaning
2016 F-350 Exterior Detail Clar Bar, 1-step polish & Waxed

How To Wax Your Own Vehicle
Here are some pointers if you happen to decide on waxing your own car:

Ensure your car has been completely washed, dried, cool to the touch and not in direct sunlight.
Get a high-quality wax (Carnauba would the most widely recognized).
Ultimately a Microfiber towel with a high GSM for the best results.

To keep your car in the best shape, it is advisable to decontaminate the paint prior to applying wax for the first time. Many often think this doesn’t need to be done, especially on newer vehicles. This is not good practice as there is no way to ensure the paint hasn’t been contaminated. This can be done with a process known as a clay bar treatment prior to waxing the vehicle
Wax has many benefits to offer your car just like all of our auto detailing packages.

So why not book with us today and let us professionally protect your investment. Call 989-708-8559 to book your appointment today!

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