Mobile Auto Detailing Services

What We Do

Basic hand wash and interior car detailing services to scratch and stain removal all at your location!

Paint Correction

Starting with perfect paint is an imperative step to ensure the ceramic coating bonds to the vehicles paint. 

Stays Cleaner, longer

Keeping your vehicle cleaner from the harsh elements it's exposed to is the key role in maintaining your vehicle's value. 

Skip Waxing for good

Opposed to traditional waxes, ceramic coatings don't need to be re-applied during their life expectancy up to 8 years of protection against elements including scratches.

Interior Car Cleaning

Let us clean or shampoo your interior with one of our exclusive packages tailored to fit your needs.

Exterior Washing

From basic exterior detailing to paint corrections and permanent paint protection, we have you covered.

Complete Full Details

Take advantage with both of our interior and exterior detailing packages combined for extra added value for your convenience, ease of mind and prolonging the value of your vehicle.

Latest News And Updates

Car Cleaning – Is Wax Worth It?
Car Cleaning – Is Wax Worth It?

At On Site Auto Detailing, new clients who are interested in our procedures will often inquire about some information about automotive waxes. Inquiries, for example, “What’s the best wax” and “Does Wax Even Protect The Paint?” are common for individuals who aren’t accustomed to having their cars detailed. Let’s briefly touch on these subjects. “What Is The Best Car Wax?”…

Car Cleaning – How To Remove Mold & Mildew
Car Cleaning – How To Remove Mold & Mildew

Car Cleaning – How To Remove Mold & Mildew Although it was a horrifying experience for homes and vehicles in Midland and Mount Pleasant, your chances of defeating the mold and mildew caused by this are in your favor. With a quality and professional interior detailing your car can be safe again. What precisely is Mold and Mildew Mold and…

Paint Protection Film
Paint Protection Film

Paint Protection Film – Everything You Need to Know about this Technology Whenever you purchase a car, you want it to look the same for as long as possible. In other words, it should look like you just took it out of the showroom. However, it isn’t an easy task to maintain the aesthetics of your car as it requires…

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